Delhi Detectives

Delhi Detectives: Provides matrimonial and corporate detective services Delhi.

Matrimonial Corporate Detective Services In Delhi

 We are One of detective agencies in Delhi Provides Matrimonial Verification and Corporate Detective Services in India.We are having latest Spy Gadgets with a Very Big Network of Associates around India to get most latest information.

Corporate Investigations
In Today Date their is hard to find good employees for the  companies as many Fraud Educational institutes are come in the market who are providing False Certification . In The Case of Employment , Employer wants best Suitable candidates for the Job . So Things have to check such as Certification of the candidates , past employment record , Checking the history of whether any fraud was not done. Pre Employment enquiry can lead to company from a Big Loss .
We Provides a Report in which Employer Company have just to give us the Resume ( CV ) which is given by Job Candidates . We will Check its School Education Certificate ,  Collage Certification , Validity of Degree and genuineness of the Employee.This is a important step which is done by most of the companies who is doing job mainly on a High Post with a Good Salary packages.
Matrimonial Verification

Wedding - Shaddi is One of the Important step of Life . We Not Only 2 Peoples are get together their families also come in Relation . Their is almost in every day news about a wrong marriage decision where a Boy / Girl show as Well Settled and after marriage .. Family of Boy / Girl realize that this decision make their life Miserable . As We also Said "prevention is better than cure" . So its Good to do PRE Matrimonial Investigation on the coming member as Bride / Groom . Private Investigation was done by Detective agency you have share  information you have and what do you want to Know. Investigation take place where detective found all the information which client want to Know . This is not so much simple so detective use both their Links and Devices to get information with proof in form of picture / Video.

In Pre Matrimonial Investigation Most ally Personal Details Such As Age,Living Address,Family and Personal Background and About Education. Social Details Such as Past Afferies reputation , Friends , official position , Company where Person do Job and  financial background .